About I/A

International/Americana was born out of the fashionable ashes of Fever Stitch Boston. It is my hope that I/A picks up right where Fever Stitch left off, while addressing some of its shortcomings and broadening its reach. The focus of I/A will be less about suggesting how one should dress through words, but rather depicting how real people cook up the dopest, wildest outfits. The emphasis here is on real people that I find on the street, at the bar, in my doctor’s office…whatever.

Let’s get this straight: I don’t hate bloggers. I think traditional #WhatIWore bloggers have harnessed the power of social media in crazy ways. They’ve really used it to their advantage, cultivated a following, and effectively branded themselves. I think that’s really cool, but that’s not what I hope to do here.

Fever Stitch was focused on Boston, but I want I/A to broaden that scope. My goal is to turn the lens on the style chameleons who pull inspiration (not appropriation) from all aspects of the world. They live it and breathe it; they eat that shit up. I want to find that inspiration from places near and far, hence the name change.

This site will not feature a trillion photos of me me me, but rather regular people, unstaged, in their natural habitats. Because good style–maybe the best style– is born on the streets, worn by regular people who probably don’t have time to blog about it. I’m trying to tell their story, because authenticity still matters.